Acadia ALERT - Campus Open

The Acadia University campus will open as scheduled today. Please use caution if travelling to campus today and check 511 Nova Scotia for road conditions in your area (link below). If you are unable to make it to campus today for any reason please notify your immediate supervisor.

(Friday July 12, 2024 @ 5:49 am)

group of students walking together in the hallway

Develop Skills

group of students working in the library

At Career Services, we understand the importance of skill development in your professional journey. Whether you're aiming to enhance your abilities, explore new avenues, or advance in your current field, our focus is on providing you with the necessary resources, support, and opportunities to achieve your goals.

Personalized Career Coaching: For those seeking clarity on their career path or looking to advance within their chosen field, our Career Coaching appointments are designed to assist. Our dedicated Career Educators offer personalized consultations to address your specific career queries. Whether you're looking to develop skills, considering a change, or aiming for growth, we're here to help you explore options, set achievable goals, and create a practical plan to turn your aspirations into actionable steps.

Skill-building Workshops: Our workshops offer you the chance to learn, evolve, and enhance your skill set. These workshops are thoughtfully designed to align with our educational values, fostering open-mindedness, collaboration, and continuous improvement. By engaging in these sessions, you'll gain practical tools and insights to navigate the challenges of an ever-changing job market.

Empowering You Online: Beyond personalized appointments and workshops, we offer a variety of resources online. These resources are designed to support your skill development journey at your own pace.

Unleash Your Potential: Skill development is an ongoing endeavor, and at Career Services, we're dedicated to being your partner on this journey of growth. Whether you're seeking clarity, skill enhancement, or advancement, our Career Coaching appointments, skill-building workshops, and online resources are designed to empower you at every stage. Let's collaborate to unlock your potential, embrace new opportunities, and nurture your professional journey.